Pet Policy

No pets will be allowed at Union Manor without prior approval from the manager. Tenants who request permission to have a pet must bring the pet in for viewing and register the pet with the manager before the pet is allowed to reside in the tenant’s apartment. The pet registration must be updated annually. (This annual update may be coordinated with the tenant’s annual recertification.) The registration must include the following items:

A certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian or a state or local authority empowered to inoculate animals which states that a pet has received all inoculations required by applicable state or local law or regulations.

Information sufficient to identify the pet and demonstrate that the pet is a common household pet.

Name, address and phone number of one or more responsible parties who will care for the pet if the pet owner dies, is incapacitated or otherwise unable to care for the pet.

The manager must give a tenant or prospective tenant written notice if they refuse to register a pet along with an explanation.

The manager may refuse to register a pet for the following reasons:

  1. A pet is not a common household pet.
  2. Keeping a pet would violate any applicable house rule.
  3. A pet owner fails to provide complete pet registration information or fails annually to update the pet registration.
  4. The manager reasonably determines, based on the pet owner’s habits and practices, that a pet owner will be unable to keep the pet in compliance with the pet rules and other lease obligations.
  5. A pet’s temperament may be considered as a factor in determining the prospective pet owner’s ability to comply with the pet rules and other lease obligations. Overly aggressive, rambunctious, unfriendly, noisy animals will not be accepted.

Subject to the approval of the manager, one of the following categories of pets will be allowed:

  • Dogs: Maximum number: one (1). Maximum size: 25 lbs. Minimum age: one (1) year. No puppies. Spayed or neutered. Distemper and rabies shots. Current license with the City of Lincoln.
  • Cats: Maximum number: one (1). Maximum size: 15 lbs. Minimum age: one (1) year. No kittens. No long-haired cats. Spayed or neutered. Distemper and rabies shots. Current license with the City of Lincoln.
  • Birds: Maximum number: two (2). Appropriately caged at all times. Wings must be clipped to prevent escape.
  • Fish: Maximum aquarium size: 20 gallons.

Small animals: Hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs. Maximum number: two (2).

Absolutely no reptiles, monkeys, parrots or other exotic or undomesticated animals of any type will be allowed.


A refundable pet deposit of one-fourth of one month’s market rent will be required for cats or dogs only. Per HUD regulation, this deposit cannot exceed $300. Initial deposit is $50 at the time pet is brought onto the premises. The remaining deposit may be paid at a rate of $10 per month. The tenant’s liability for the damage caused by the pet is not limited to the amount of the damage deposit and the tenant will be required to reimburse Union Manor Apartments for any damages that exceed the deposit.

Tenants with assistive animals will not be charged a damage deposit for that animal. However, if the assistive animal causes damage to the tenant’s unit or common areas of the facility, the tenant will be charged for the cost of repairing the damage.

The use of the pet deposit is reasonable and directly attributable to the presence of the pet.

The unused portion of the pet deposit will be returned within a reasonable time after the tenant moves from the property or no longer owns or keeps a household pet in the unit.


Dogs, Cats and Other Small Animals

  1. The pet must be kept in the resident’s apartment at all times, or on a leash whenever outside the unit. There will be no exception to this rule. They are not allowed to roam free in or outside. The pet must be held by the tenant when using the elevator. Leashed pets are not to linger in any common areas inside Union Manor Apartments.
  2. All animal waste from litter boxes and cages must be disposed of in a sealed plastic bag and placed down the trash room garbage chute. Litter boxes must be changed at least twice a week. At no time is any litter to be disposed of down the toilet. Charges for unclogging the toilet or cleaning up the common area because of animal waste will be billed directly to the tenant. Tenant’s failure to pay any of the costs associated with animal waste will cause the removal of the pet and possible eviction of the tenant.
  3. The tenant agrees to remove and dispose of all pet waste caused by the pet while walking the pet along outdoor common areas and Union Manor property and to clean up behind the pet if it tracks mud or dirt through the elevator, lobbies, or hallways. A penalty of $5.00 per occurrence will be charged for failure to comply with this waste removal rule.
  4. The tenant agrees to keep the pet under control at all times so the pet does not jump up on other tenants and guests on the property and that it does not bother or unduly frighten other tenants or guests by excessive barking or other noises and displays of aggressive behavior.
  5. Pets that disturb the peace and quiet of the neighbors through noise (barking, meowing, whining, etc.) odor, animal waste, biting, scratching, or other nuisance will be removed from the premises at once.
  6. If the tenant is away from his/her apartment longer than twelve (12) hours, arrangements must be made for the care of the pet. Under no circumstances, during this time, are pets to be left unattended inside or outside of the apartment.
  7. The tenant agrees to provide adequate care, nutrition, exercise, and medical care for the pet, including current distemper and rabies shots as required or necessary. Pets that appear to be poorly cared for will be reported to the local Animal Control or other appropriate agency.
  8. The tenant also acknowledges that other tenants may have chemical sensitivity, allergies or are easily frightened by some animals. The tenant agrees to exercise common sense and common courtesy with respect to other tenants’ rights to peaceful and quiet enjoyment of the premises, and shall accept the findings of the manager if a dispute arises.
  9. Guest pets are not allowed on the premises. Tenants are not allowed to pet sit.


  1. The tenant agrees the bird(s) shall not be let out of the cage at any time.


  1. Aquariums shall be placed in a safe location in the unit. The aquarium shall be cleaned on a regular basis to allow for proper care and the elimination of foul odors so as not to disturb other tenants.


The tenant will be warned immediately in writing of each violation of the policy, with a copy going into the tenant’s file. The tenant will be informed unequivocally that although a single violation may not warrant the removal of the pet or eviction of the tenant, repeated violations will be considered a substantial and material breach of the lease agreement and therefore grounds for eviction. Eviction will in all probability be a result of two (2) or more repeated violations. (except in the very rare case where an animal goes completely out of control and physically attacks or attempts to attack another person or animal on the premises, material or substantial non-compliance of the pet rules and regulations to the extent necessary to qualify for good cause).

If the pet has been left unattended by a tenant (e.g., who has been hospitalized or gone on vacation) so that the animal’s health is endangered or it is becoming a nuisance to the neighbors because of its barking or whining, or a threat to the safety of the neighbors, the local Animal Control or other appropriate agency will be called to handle the situation.

Animal Control personnel may enter any apartment for the purpose of removing a pet that has been left unattended for twelve hours or more, or whose health is in danger because of care or neglect. Under no circumstances is an employee of Union Manor Apartments to enter a tenant’s unit for the purpose of personally removing the pet.

Assistive animals are exempt from this pet policy. *(See service animal policy)