Application Process

Thank you for your interest in housing at Union Manor Apartments. We encourage you to phone and schedule an appointment to tour our facility. This allows a personal introduction and provides an opportunity to answer immediate questions. You may receive an application packet at the time of your visit or we can mail one to you upon request.

The application packet includes the Application for Tenancy (sample provided below) and several other HUD mandated forms. We have also attached the document, Things You Should Know, from the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development, otherwise known as HUD.

We are a client of Tenant Data Services Inc., an agency that maintains a database of resident information. The function of this agency is to track and maintain information that includes resident conduct, credit history and criminal background checks. These reports assist us in providing a safe and secure environment. You may have peace of mind knowing that all residents are being screened with equal care and that the quality of the property and community is being maintained as a result of these standards.

Applicants will be considered on a first-received and first-reviewed basis, according to the date that the completed and signed application is received by management of Union Manor Apartments.

We have included a sample of the application – this is read-only and may not be printed off from this site.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule a meeting and /or receive an application packet.


Rhonda Derr, Property Manager and Darcy Pearcy, Office Manager